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Type of Category : Lake View Cottage

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Lake View Cottage

Sou Eco Camp

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Sou Eco Camp Opposite to indian petrol pump Garudeshwar, Akteshwar, Gujarat 393151


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100% Cancellation Charges, if cancelled within 7 days from the check-in date 50% Cancellation charges, if cancelled within 10 days from the check-in date 25% Cancellation charges, if cancelled within 15 days from the check-in date 15% Cancellation charges, if cancelled in more than 15 days from the check-in Days for cancellation rule will be calculated excluding cancellation request day and Check-in day Date amendment charges are applicable as per cancellation Policy above Cancellation Requests received after 6 PM will be considered on the next working day. Management reserves the right to cancel reservations without any prior notice in case of any Central/State Government Event/Meetings/visits or any unwanted natural calamities. In which case, alternative dates can be set. **Note: Organiser reserves all rights to make any changes without prior notice.

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Tent City Narmada

Premium Cottage

Breakfast, Lunch, Hi-Tea and Dinner

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Room Amount ₹ 8000.00
Ex. Adults ₹ 10000.00
Ex. Child ₹ 10000.00
Total Amount Before TAX ₹ 20000.00
Discount ₹ 2000.00
TAX Amount : GST ₹ 20000.00
Net Payable ₹ 20000.00

Room information

Room information

Breakfast, Lunch, Hi-Tea and Dinner

Ekta Nagar Railway Station 9 km Far,An invitation for truly comfortable, unforgettable and environment-friendly, Eco-tourism in Gujarat that you live and share to the fullest. Statue of Unity Eco Camp, completely synchronized with nature, prioritis

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